How to Make the Transatlantic Jump?

BIOjump makes the transition into new markets easy!

Expanding a business “across the pond” can be very tedious. Common practices, laws, and regulations that are second nature in your home market suddenly become foreign. The steep learning curve and financial risks can be a big hurdle which prevents many companies from making that critical first step to work a transatlantic market.

When supported by BIOjump, the foreign US or European market quickly becomes familiar. BIOjump provides flexible services tailored to meet your current and growing needs. 

·       local office representation

·       warehousing & order processing

·       business development & marketing services

A focus on the preclinical life science industry enables BIOjump to understand your technology and products. The company utilizes a well-developed network of opinion leaders of the pharma and biotech industries. With facilities located on both shores of the Atlantic, BIO-jump is familiar with both, the European and the US market and is always in direct contact with your customers.