Business Representation

Local Office Representation

Customers want to see their partners located locally for quick turnaround time and convenient interactions. Also, local representation provides more opportunities to be noticed in an ever-growing marketplace. However setting up a duplicate operation creates increased efforts and financial investment. BIOjump can provide your company an international office with its own personalized address, mailbox, and phone line. To make you intercontinental transactions as convenient as possible for you and your customers, BIOjump will also arrange billing and currency conversation for invoicing and payments.

Local Customer Service

Personal customer support and the consumer experience is key in maintaining a strong business relationship. Scientists from BIOjump will be trained on your company and its products or services. Our services provide your customers with local real-time support for basic questions on placing orders, requesting pricing, and standard protocol without having to wait for your headquarters' office hours to resume. All customer communications will be logged and compiled in a daily report.